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Services: RISE Chemicals Industries

At RISE Chemicals, we offer our customers a wide range of value-added services to complement our extensive global advanced materials offering. In addition, we provide on-site support, part tracking and inventory management, plating and shield kit cleaning and sputtering.

RISE strives to enable our customers’ profitability and end-use product performance; we constantly work to develop and improve our industry-leading lineup of services.

• Bonding
• Brazing
• Glazing
• Metal Recycling and Reclamation
• Metals Management
    o Physical Supply
• Non-Precious Metal Coating Services
• Plating
• Refining and Recycling
    o Assaying
    o Capabilities
    o High Purity Outputs
    o History
    o Markets Served
    o Material Management
    o Photo Silver
    o Plating Solutions
    o Production Material
    o Research and Development
    o Sponge
    o Sputtering Targets-Recycling
• Research and Development
    o Design o Metallurgy
• Transparent Conductive Oxides

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